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Methodology and Proposals

The Potential cube


The cube represents the potential of your company, your team and of course, you – personally. Imagine that within this cube is an identical smaller cube which is where your company finds itself now – its actual performance. You now have three levers that are represented by the three axes of the cube which determine the outcome of where your company could be and these are: motivation, competencies and time.




Motivation: "I am most productive when I like what I do."



  • Seminars, workshops and presentations on "the six needs", "illusions and evaluation", "The three basic strategies", and finally "company mission and values".
  • Intensive teambuilding hands on exercise – the construction of a Grandstand




Competencies: "Leadership and team dynamics are often 'learned-as-you-go' and on an ad-hoc basis."


To address this, an easy adaptable model will be introduced to guarantee sustainable improvement.



  • Seminars, workshops and lectures "Leadership", "Self-analysis", "where are we today"
  • three-day intensive seminar "Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow"
    (3 days, spread over one year)




Time: "You cannot store time – you use it or you lose it."



  • Presentation "The difference between effectiveness and efficiency", Workshop "You can learn creativity!"
  • Intensive individual training "Self-organization"
    (Two days at a time), including three months 24/7 hotline support

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