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Methodology – the three vital steps to success




No company can claim that their teams and the company itself is running at its maximum potential. However, it is through clarity of core purpose and values which result in employee satisfaction that leads to performance and attains success. At the end, success is the only thing that matters.

Why is the biggest untapped potential in teams and companies? Because clarity about purpose and values ​​is the basis for satisfaction, performance and thus for success. Because it is clear: in the end, success counts.


Thus, the first step, is to closely analyse the current "ambient" condition.




Goal setting


Next, from the purpose, goals are derived and defined, then prioritised against the big picture.






The third step is the effective and efficient implementation. User friendly tools and creative solutions will bring about consistent high performance for the entire organisation.


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Tony Brechbühl

Tony Brechbühl graduated as an economist at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). He gained experience in leadership positions globally, including the USA, United Arab Emirates, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The different demands of SMEs and large companies enabled him to fully comprehend the value of flexibility and equipped him with a variety of skills and know-how.


His core area of focus and passion today includes the development and further development of teams and employees. Since 2013 Tony Brechbühl heads his company and works internationally as a leading trainer and consultant in German and English. Commitment, personal dedication, experience and tact makes Tony Brechbühl a creative and exceptional partner in the field of untapping latent potential of teams and employees.


Workshop: Hands on Teambuilding


Experience coaching "hands-on team building" in a unique atmosphere. Get an insight behind the scenes of major events such as traditional Schwing Festivals.


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